Who We Are

PharmPH is a burgeoning health education company that provides professional development, continuing and non-continuing education services focused on health education topics. As the healthcare field continues to shift to a more inter-disciplinary approach in addressing the world's healthcare needs, PharmPH advances the skills and professional development of health educators, public health workers, allied and other healthcare professionals. Our company is also positioned to meet workforce development needs of businesses, schools, and healthcare organizations who share the same goals as PharmPH.

We provide in-house developed continuing education courses as well as courses by our affiliate partners. We also provide a one-stop shop for our clients looking for resources to practice and jobs relevant to health education and promotion whether clinical or non-clinical.


Our Purpose

To serve our community and the world by building the skills of our healthcare workforce and educating their minds.


Our Mission

PharmPH is driven to be one of its kind in providing professional development, resources for practice, and workforce solutions centered on health education


Our Vision

We envision a community of learners who gain valuable skills to practice, and a multitude of organizations who enhance the skills of their workforce through our support.


Our Structure

PharmPH LLC is a limited liability company duly formed under the laws of the State of Delaware in 2014. Currently, it is a one-member owned and operated corporation. PharmPH is a growing health education company, well-positioned to meet the educational, professional, and workforce development needs of individuals, healthcare companies, health professionals, and academic entities.